ATC Quality Policy

ATC adopts quality as its philosophy of existence. All the values it believes in constitute the culture of the institution. It is the basic policy of the brand to add value to its business partners, customers, industry and society in this sense.


Society We Are In

It is our responsibility to convey our experience by

  • Sharing innovations and developments that will increase the awareness of a healthy society and a healthy world,
  • Supporting applications with the most advanced technology,
  • Creating benefits for the people, the environment and nature in the light of our expertise.


Our Business Partners and Industry

It is our priority to

  • Grow equally with numerous variables in the field we serve and to contribute to our sector,
  • Represent our business partners correctly, to make the right matches and to expand their service areas
  • Strengthen the knowledge and responsibility of the leadership with our experiences.


Our Employees

It carries us to the leadership of the sector

  • To provide the training and development of our employees at international standards,
  • To plan studies that will improve their motivation and competencies
  • To make the values of our institution executable by teaming up with them.


Our Way of Doing Business

  • Our business is about "human"...
  • Being aware of this, it is our fundamental value to carry out our business and responsibilities carefully and on time, to control and to demonstrate a sustainable performance at every stage of our business.


World changes,
healthcare changes,
We adapt.