Donor Specific Antibody

Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA) have been shown to be involved in both chronic and acute rejection of transplanted allografts.  Immucor provides solutions for the detection of DSA in transplant samples.  

LIFECODES DSA Donor Specific Antibody Detection
DSA makes it possible to screen for the presence of antibodies directed against the HLA antigens of the donor. It is ideal for pre- and post-transplant testing.
Donor lymphocytes are first isolated and lysed. The lysate is then incubated with Class I specific and Class II specific beads. The HLA antigens of the donor are bound to the specific beads via capture monoclonals. The beads are then incubated with the serum and any HLA antibodies against the donor are detected using the Luminex analyzer after addition of anti-human IgG conjugated with PE.

  • Detect donor specific HLA IgG antibodies against Class I and/or Class II antigens in a single well
  • Freeze donor lysate for future testing
  • No cell viability issues
  • Values mirror Flow Crossmatch Channel Shifts
  • Run from 1 to 91 assays at a time