LSA Single Antigen, C3d Detection

The new, enhanced LSA Assays deliver increased coverage, optimized performance, and improve the overall workflow of the LIFECODES® HLA Antibody Analysis portfolio.


  • Expanded antigen panels enable laboratories to more comprehensively determine the sample’s antibody profile.
  • An option to use a higher serum-bead dilution ratio significantly increases MFI values, especially in the 1,000-5,000 MFI range.
  • A new, LSA Class II bead blocker reduces non-specific reactivity thus resulting in fewer false positive reactions.



  • All antigen values are now normalized to an external standard, which enables greater lot to lot reproducibility.
  • A new calculation for positive/negative assignments has been shown to reduce both inter and intra site variability.



  • The LSA Wash Buffer has been aligned with the Wash Buffer used in in the LIFECODES® Screen and Class I/II ID assays. This simplifies the workflow for laboratories that use multiple products from the LIFECODES® Antibody Analysis portfolio.

NEW Enhanced LSA Brochure
Luminex Reassurance Letter Concerning Luminex 200 Instrument

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